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Re-thinking training spaces: learning, sharing and capacity enhancement!

The Rise Up! Campaign, founded to make women’s voices heard in the upcoming Delhi State Assembly Elections, was launched last week with an onboarding training for 40 excited captains and leaders. We were inspired to see the diversity of our Rise Up! Team, made up of citizens from different areas, religions, states, classes, and belief systems, all rising up together to make change in the Assembly Constituencies where they live. By working in their home neighbourhoods, the team organizes on a hyper-local level where community volunteers are motivated into sustainable action by shared values and commitment.

During the three days of our onboarding training in Delhi, captains and leaders learned how to apply the framework of community-based change to their work in their constituencies. The team members practiced digging deep into their networks’ stories, engaging people based on similar experiences, and using narrative and enthusiasm to build their teams of volunteers.

As the captains and leaders applied their new skills through talking to citizens in a nearby marketplace, we saw the power of our training to cultivate dialogue and exchange. Led by values, we all learned to listen deeply to people’s stories, journeys, and struggles, and pick out a common thread of togetherness. As the captains and leaders crafted poems and stories that brought the voices we heard together, we committed to organizing for change by incorporating all the voices we heard.

Are you ready to add your voice to ours? Sign up to join us today at www.haiyya.in/riseup and help grow our work into a roar. Watch the video below to hear from our Team Leaders and Captains on how to make women’s voices heard this election!