Bolo Zor Lagake…..Haiyya!

Our name, Haiyya, is inspired by the iconic Indian battle cry, “Zor Lagake…Haiyya!” In order to push a heavy boulder, when one person says, “Zor Lagake!”, he is inspiring collective action. It is only when everyone says “Haiyya!” that collective action is realised, the boulder is moved, and change is accomplished.

Haiyya believes that the best way to create positive change in India is through this combination of citizen leaders inspiring others to work together. We believe in Organising for Action.

We believe that involved citizens are critical to our democracy’s success, and that collective action within neighborhoods is key to sustainable change. We believe that organising is a skill, and that by systematically identifying, recruiting, and training leaders, we can build communities to sustain change.

Our campaigns are led by the volunteer leaders we call Haiyya Fellows. On each campaign, a specific group of Fellows research the issue, learn from experts and

fellow citizens alike, and determine the strategy, tactics, and action necessary to improve a public situation. This may involve organizing the power within a community to create change on their own. Or it may mean organizing citizens against existing power structures that are hindering improvement in the quality of their lives. Haiyya Fellows receive substantial training developed at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government to organise effectively.

You are the Community Changemakers. Haiyya is a platform for you, the citizens of Mumbai, to speak out about the issues in your neighborhood. But Haiyya’s mission is more than that: we are challenging you to get involved.

If you want change: Act. If you care about your community: Act. If you want a better country for your children: Act. We need your participation, your resources, and your help!

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