Zor Lagake…..Haiyya!

Our name, Haiyya, is inspired by the iconic Indian battle cry, “Zor Lagake…Haiyya!” In order to push a heavy boulder, when one person says, “Zor Lagake!”, he is inspiring collective action. It is only when everyone says “Haiyya!” that collective action is realised, the boulder is moved, and change is accomplished. Societal change can only take place as a community, but the voice and action of leadership is needed in order to spark collective action for change.

Haiyya was founded in 2013 by a group of young and dynamic women who came together  and believed in building progressive and democratic power through community organizing framework. They were community organizers, campaigners, social workers who were inspired by the work of Professor Marshall Ganz, rooted in 28 years of organizing experience, informed by insights of social science and teaching at Harvard Kennedy School and it’s incredible adaptation in Obama’s electoral campaign 2008 & 2012.

We believe if social change movements and the leaders that build them, have sustainable, strategic, interconnected foundations that leads to development of more leaders with a progressive vision then we will lead towards powering a prosperous, equal and democratic world.

We are spreading the power of community organizing to build civic leadership through our 4 pillars:

  • Campaigns:

Through Haiyya run campaigns we are at the frontline of the battle field. We run grassroots campaigns on issues that need immediate political attention to build community power and challenge status quo within and outside communities

  • Coaching:

We invest in young leaders, campaigners and social enterprises to put ideas into action with our robust coaching modules and toolkits through an intensive Fellowship Program

  • Consulting:

We help big and small organizations to harness people power in their teams and projects to implement campaigns, projects and trainings that uses community power strategically to deliver concrete results.

  • Community: 

We are building a community of organizers across India introducing community organizing and campaigning skills to youth and opening safe spaces for dialogue on issues of immediate concern.


You can read more about our work on website and if you are interested to get involved, partner and work with us, write to us at act@haiyya.in


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