What is Waste Segregation and Why Should We do it?

Everyday Delhi produces over 8,000 metric tonnes of waste. It’s predicted the entire city of Delhi will be covered by waste by 2047.

What is waste segregation?

Waste segregation is the practice of splitting up our waste into dry and wet categories.

How can you do it?

By splitting up our waste into two bins we can recycle dry waste and compost wet waste. Communities can also set up large storage drums where wet and dry waste can be deposited, or compost bins where wet waste is able to biodegrade.

Why should we do it?

Not all waste has to go to landfill, around 500 tonnes of waste can be recycled in Delhi per day. By splitting up our waste less waste will go to landfill and there will be less pollution in our environment. By not separating our waste we are wasting valuable resources that can be recycled and reused, especially plastics, metals and paper. Some waste also contains chemicals which are released into the atmosphere when they are burned, emitting greenhouse gases which add to Delhi’s already polluted air. Improper waste disposal also pollutes our streets where we live, the water we drink and the air that we breathe.

what is waste segregatoin_


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