Youth4Environment Fellowship Launch


Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 11.37.37 am.pngOn World Environment Day this year we are all being encouraged to go outside and reconnect with nature. Sadly, air pollution in Delhi is so chronic that spending time outside could seriously damage your health. Each year 30,000 people die from air pollution related diseases.

“Citizens and active youth have decided join hands and  take action against Delhi’s polluted air – it’s time to make a difference. This is a unique opportunity for the youth to be leaders in their communities and take onus for a cleaner environment and take ACTION to stop further damage by thinking of innovative community level solutions” added Sukhmani from Haiyya while inaugurating the Youth4Environment Fellowship Program at Delhi Clean Air Forum’s meetup on June 5th.

On the 10th and 11th of June The Youth4Environment Fellowship Program, will be launched through a two-day training at the YWCA in Connaught Place, New Delhi.

The training will focus on campaigning skills and issue expertise and will include various themes such as:

  • Delhi’s Air Condition
  • Building grassroots power through organizing & campaigning
  • Public Narrative, Possible solutions at the community level
  • Making a Campaign Plans to take action in the community
  • Building Relationships with the community
  • Building Teams through a sustainable ‘Snowflake’ Model wherein you identify and enable other team members  

The Youth4Environment Fellowship Program  has been created by URJA (United Residents Joint Action) the apex body of RWA’s, Haiyya (a non-profit campaigning Organization) and Help Delhi Breathe (a citizen coalition group).

Youth4Environment Fellowship Program ignites ordinary citizen action through neighborhood level environment campaigns. It is the first collaboration between youth leaders and their local RWA’s, bridging the generational gap often found at local community level and mobilizing all to adopt local climate solutions.

These campaigns are the first opportunity for ordinary citizens to make a difference through:

  • Intergenerational collaboration
  • Utilizing local levels of governance
  • Inspiring and supporting youth advocates to lead on community leadership

We hope to see a greater participation and synergy between the RWA executives and the youth in their respective neighbourhoods/communities​. All your economic growth and wealth would be useless without good health which is directly correlated to your environment.” Ashutosh Dikshit, CEO, URJA.

The Youth4Environment Fellowship is a 4-month program through which 20 Fellows (young leaders) will be selected to run their individual campaigns on various issues including solar power, mobility or waste segregation in New Delhi. The Fellowship programme aims equip the fellows  to facilitate on ground campaigns with local level solutions to combat environmental concerns to achieve a larger vision of a cleaner and greener Delhi.

For more information please contact

Sukhmani Grover (Senior Program Manager, Haiyya)

+91 9871446720

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