Blogger Series #8: Health Over Stigma

Continuing our Blogger Series as a part of our Health Over Stigma campaign unmarried women from all around India are sharing their stories/experiences related to the stigma we face in regards to our body, sexual health & desires. It is only through starting an open and safe dialogue can we end the stigma and normalize these conversations. Read more about our Week of Action here.

Blog 8.png

When parents have two apartments in Delhi, one’s our residence and the other one is vacant. My residence is never empty, so I decided to take my boyfriend to the other apartment for some privacy. Better than going to some shady hotel right? Wrong. After a couple of visits the RWA caught us, threatened to inform my parents and call the police. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong, after all it was my house and the two of us weren’t bothering anybody. How is it anyone’s business to snoop and find out what goes behind four walls? But the society doesn’t share the same opinion as me. After all two people holding hands are more dangerous than actual criminals right?


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