Blogger Series #3: Health Over Stigma

Continuing our Blogger Series as a part of our Health Over Stigma campaign women from all around India are sharing their stories/experiences related to the stigma we face in regards to our body, sexual health & desires. It is only through starting an open and safe dialogue can we end the stigma and normalize these conversations. Read more about our Week of Action here.


I am 18. And this was the first time I went to the gynaecologist. My male best friend slept with his girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. They had unprotected sex and the girl was very shy to go buy an emergency contraceptive just in case. I went with my bestie to the clinic. The gynaecologist was super nice though she was surprised to learn that people at a young age do have sex. She handed my an i-pill and just then the door opened and an older lady walked in. She heard our conversation and kept glaring at me. The gynae asked her to leave as she was busy with me and hadn’t called out for the next patient to come in (the older lady was a patient). When I started to leave, the older lady told me that I should get myself checked so that I don’t spread my ‘disease’ around, and that ‘you could never trust young girls these days’. My bestie gave a tort in reply, “I think it’s your mental disease you should be worried about. We are perfectly normal.” It was kinda cool.






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