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Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC) Interns


YLAC Interns with Haiyya member Mrinalini 

Haiyya was a part of the new Young Leaders for Active Citizenship program through which 3 young women interned with Haiyya for 2 weeks. These women worked on our campaign on Young Women’s Access to Sexual Health Services and our event The New Narrative Smash Sanskar.

Learn more about their experiences below:

” Haiyya, being my first internship, was a very interesting experience. Personally, I feel very strongly about women’s rights and gender inequality. I believe that everyone deserves to lead a normal life, without being exploited. If their sexual or health rights  are exploited, which is very prevalent in our country, they deserve to know their rights so that correct action can be taken and they shouldn’t be judged for it.This is why I chose to intern at Haiyya.

While at the internship, I’ve been working with Mrinalini and another intern, to plan an organise and event that Haiyya will be hosting, that focuses on misogyny in Bollywood. Bollywood movies are what we associate with romance and drama and thrillers, but we never really think about how women are portrayed in these films. Smash The Sanskaar, the event we are hosting, plans to change the way people think about these films and how it influences our society.

As a whole, interning at Haiyya  was very interesting and knowledgeable for me, as I learned about what they do and how they plan on getting young women to know their rights, through their SRHR campaign. Even though I thought we would be doing more field work, I really enjoyed working on building the campaign and the event, and I  hope to see the success their campaign gets, by reaching out to, as well as  sensitizing our society.”
– Kavya Kalia
“I interned at Haiyya for 10 days and within this short period I learned quite a lot. In a nutshell, this internship has given me an insight into the working of NGO. This has taught the difference between saying things and doing them, about planning campaigns, mustering support, motivating people and most of all working towards what you believe. Haiyya’s campaign is something that appeals to me, on a very personal and yet societal level. It affects my life as an individual and the life of the society that i live in. The work environment was extremely friendly and inviting. I learnt how to take ownership of things I am doing and how to make your work, your own. Haiyya’s campaign has compelled me to think about the environment that i live in, in a critical manner and also to think about ways to change where change is needed. This internship has been a great experience for me.”
– Baani Gambhir