New Collaboration – Haiyya, TEDxWalledCity & Jindal Center for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

12957647_838339922962327_6509057035057716293_oOur New Superteam! Haiyya, TEDxWalledCity and JSiE

We have some exciting news – Haiyya recently collaborated with TEDxWalledCity and Jindal Center for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (JSiE) to launch the TEDxWalledCity Fellows Program!

The Fellows Program was conceptualized to provide a platform for young students and change makers to turn their campaign ideas of tackling the issue of pollution from ideas into action. Keeping this in mind the program journey began by students attending a workshop to polish their campaign idea; this took place on Monday the 4th of April at O P Jindal Global University. After which students will be sending in their campaign proposal and a total of 5 people will be selected as TEDxWalledCity Fellows to undergo a Fellowship program in the month of June and July 2016 in New Delhi with Haiyya. The Fellowship will help them groom their leadership & skills, refine their ideas and convert them into community level action. The workshop was just the beginning of the journey the next day participants along with other students attended the TEDxWalledCity Urban Habitat event.

Check out our report for more information on the TEDxWalledCity Fellows Workshop.



Participants sharing ideas at the workshop 

We are currently receiving and scanning campaign proposals and will be selecting 5 TEDxWalledCity Fellows. The TEDxWalledCity Fellows Program is going to open up to the public! Stay tuned for that announcement and updates from the on ground campaigns being run by our fellows.


Haiyya’s Team provided guidance and support to these young leaders



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