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What have we been upto in our spare time?

The Haiyya team is vivacious and we enjoy consuming different types of media in our free time. That doesn’t mean we like it all! Check out what we have been into this month and our opinions on them.

‘India’s struggle for Independence’ by Bipan Chandra.

Inmovement blog post

“As we are building and working on different campaigns I am reading the Indian National movement to draw inspiration from different tactics used to organize the country. The movement uses various techniques of community organizing and the most powerful being the common narrative that was built for the entire nation which led to the ultimate win!” , shared Natasha, our Campaigns and Communications lead.

Watched the movie Neerja and didn’t give into the hype.

blog photo neerja

“I recently watched the movie Neerja. Neerja is a portrayal on the life of Neerja Bhanot, who sacrificed her life while protecting the lives of 359 passengers on the Pan Am flight 73 in 1986. The flight was hijacked by a terrorist organization Abu Nidal from Palestine. With the current rise of political debates on nationalism and anti-nationalism in the country, the movie made me discover a lot of things. Personally I believe, a lot could have been done to make the story and the plot tighter. If Halil and Neerja’s mother wouldn’t have been played by such powerful actors, I wonder where the movie would have gone. But the most important piece of the story was normal people exhibiting leadership in the face of uncertainty. Love for your nation and love for your people doesn’t come with the prescribed versions of nationalism and screaming Bharat mata ki jai at the top of their lungs. The movie also makes me wonder why Pan Am airlines silence over the issue was ignored”, shared Aprajita, our Haiyya Director. 

Watching House of Cards Season 4 and reading ‘Why Loiter?’


“I am beyond elated that Netflix has finally come to India – I love every single one of their original content. The fourth season of house of cards did not disappoint in fact it was a step up from the earlier more lackluster season. The dynamic between Claire and Frank is fascinating and watching that heartless couple manipulate everyone around them is hypnotic. On a less sinister note I am almost done reading Why Loiter which deals with women’s access to public spaces in Mumbai. Why Loiter has blown my mind and shattered many a assumptions I (along with countless others) have on this discourse. It is changing the way I look at policing of bodies, respectability and safety. I highly recommend this book to any and everyone!”, shared Mrinalini, our Project associate. 

Reading ‘Mrs. Funny Bones’ by Twinkle Khanna

“First of all this made me laugh so much! This book is written by actor turned interior designer turned writer – Twinkle Khanna, but I guess it is most importantly written by an imaginative, witty modern individual. The plot is not around one specific incident, it is about a person’s attitude and take on things. It talks about day to day small moments around her life and the choices she is making which is a strong reflection of her values and beliefs are.

A personal takeaway is that this book helped to bring a fresh perspective around how a young women is not portrayed as someone just balancing work and home in all the situations but as someone who has a personal take, opinion and in all these situations! She takes action, says out loud, has preferences and clearly is making choices. The fun and humour has been icing on the cake!”, shared Sukhmani, our Projects and Training lead. 

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