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Here is My Remarkable Journey with Haiyya!


I started my journey with Haiyya almost two years ago as a Leader for the Power Of 49 Campaign in Malviya Nagar, Delhi. I was a student at Lady Shri Ram College then and had heard about Haiyya through the college placement cell. Their work was around connecting with people, inspiring them and bringing change at a hyper-local level, which instantly excited me. The Power of 49 campaign organized women in Delhi who formed the 49% of the total voters to deliberate on their issues and make an informed voting decision. Haiyya gave me an opportunity to work with people on social issues that I cared about, through an action oriented approach. I have seen myself grow as a leader, talking to strangers, building my volunteer team, training community leaders and empowering others to identify their own leadership.

My first campaign got over in 5 months and by then, I knew I wanted to learn more, give more, and do more. I built a strong bond with my mentors at Haiyya and with the vision of Haiyya’s work to bring citizens and the community at the center of bringing a change. As soon as the campaign for Women’s Access to Safe Spaces started in Malviya Nagar, I grabbed the opportunity to work again with the team.  We organized people in the community and addressed the challenges of Women Safety in Khirki neighborhood. I found myself facilitating strategy sessions, recruiting volunteers in the community and creating plans with leaders.  I never thought I could be coaching and mentoring people! Haiyya invested in my leadership and my passion; within no time I found myself becoming a part of the team. Soon after, in Delhi, Haiyya launched the 6th Cohort of Haiyya Fellowship and I was assigned the role of a Training Corp, wherein I was coaching, training and mentoring the fellows spread across entire Delhi. It felt amazing to identify with that exhilaration of, “Yes, I can do it!”

Jumping back to the present, it is a wonderful and exciting feeling to be with the team! It has been a month working as a Field Organizer and I see myself climbing up the leadership ladder steadily. From being an intern to a Field Organizer has been an amazing journey acquiring skills of leadership, communication, innovation and management.

A day of work at Haiyya is energetic and fun. It’s not only about planning, managing the resources and documenting, but a lot more than that, like interactive talks, collaborative learning, team workshops and fun time. I share a very easy and comfortable bond with my colleagues, and find it easy to share my tensions and feelings with them, which I thought one usually can’t. I enjoy being a part of team training sessions and workshops and I am excited at the idea of creating different tool-kits for field training!

One of the exciting and different  session I attended was the Organizational Goals and Strategy Session that happened last week, where everyone discuss on ways to overcome challenges,  focus on areas to improve the  strengths and came up with concrete goals and a strategy to achieve it! Another instance which I fondly remember is ‘Team Outing’ where in the entire team went out for lunch and invested time in each other, strengthening our relationships while having conversations on how we feel about the team, work, learning, challenges and everything! I felt a great connection with the team and got support at various fronts from the entire team.

I feel that the last two years with Haiyya have been the best experience of my life. There are way too many exciting and joyful  instances to re-collect. Haiyya not only helps one develop skills for future growth but also in grains organizational values that we practice in our work. The team values of respecting each other’s time & commitment, giving each other space and scope of feedback and collaborating across work streams are something to look forward to. I get a feeling of being in a right place and doing what I have always wanted to do.

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Author’s Bio

Anjali Prabhakar, Field Organizer, Haiyya

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As a Field Organizer at Haiyya, Anjali has closely worked with neighborhood communities on the issues of Women Safety and Voting Rights. She has been a Training Corp at Haiyya in the 6th cohort of Fellowship. An Economics graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, Anjali is currently pursuing her LLB from University of Delhi. She can be contacted at