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What it means to be #superHaiyyaintern

I joined Haiyya as an intern on 4th June 2014. This internship was a part of Haiyya’s current campaign- Women’s Access to Public Spaces. Being an Economics graduate I’ve always had an interest in the socio economic issues prevailing in our country, women empowerment being at the top of the list. I got to know about Haiyya’s campaign and I decided to be a part of it.

This internship focused on building leadership qualities and connecting with the people around, so as to take a step towards building a better nation! It would be unfair on my part if I don’t accept the fact that I loved working here!

Haiyya believes in organizing for action. It’s working on to bring such a change that doesn’t lead to just individual development but development of the entire nation.

Be it workshops or sabhas, their main aim has always been about bringing the community together. Their working strategy involves organizing the power within a community to create a change on their own.Whoa! These kids were super excited! 😀


My work started with helping my mentors in organizing a Dance Workshop. Being new to the community and to the people as well this was a very nice and different experience. It was then followed by two more workshop; Art and Comic workshops. The last and the biggest event was the Street Play. It was an event organized by me. The biggest challenge was to get the kids to come for the workshop. I wasn’t confident enough whether they would turn up for the events or not. But the response that we got from the kids throughout the internship was overwhelming.

My mentors gave me the liberty to work on the script as well field organization on my own. It really helped me in building a very strong relationship with the community. Talking about the events, I have always worked as a field mobiliser. Being on the field was my primary interest. My work involved recruiting participants for the events, inviting people for the sabhas and making them aware of our campaign.

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Now coming to the street play, starting from the script itself, it was a huge task since it was our first outdoor event as interns. The kids from the community helped me at every step which made it very easy for us to identify young leaders from within that group. The strong understanding that the kids had with each other led to an amazing performance in front of the police station in Malviya Nagar as well as their community.


We got to hear some really moving experiences and stories from the people from the community. All the events were a big big hit! All thanks to the amazing participants and the supporters! 🙂

Street play performance had the onlookers asking for an encore!

Street play performance had the onlookers asking for an encore!

We even organized a freeze mob in the community , so as to make more and more people aware of the work we’ve been trying to do in the community.

Another major activity that regularly takes place in the community is the people sabhas, where women from different socio economic backgrounds came together and talked about key safety issues faced by them. The sabhas also focus on how to create a channel of communication between the police and the citizens and work towards making the neighborhood safer!

Every event led to the involvement of more and more people from the community. Involvement of the parents as well, made these events even more successful. l I’ve definitely grown as an individual within this 1 month of training. Starting from how to strike a conversation with the people to work in a team, from being accountable to each other to helping each other in building our leadership skills; this experience has made me learn a lot.


Working primarily as a field organizer, gave a new dimension to my personality. Just in a month’s time I’ve been able to make strong connections with a lot of people of the community. Convincing them to send their kids for the street play in such a hot weather was not a difficult task because of my strong bonds with the people. Whatta feeling it was to be on the field and interact with a lot of different people of diverse age groups, gender and backgrounds.

It undoubtedly takes great amount of time and persistent efforts to build a relationship with the community.

Many people from the community saw me as the face of haiyya. My contribution to the work helped me in engaging a lot of new people with the campaign. Committed & enthusiastic people! 


Constant support and training from my leaders helped me a lot in my role as a community organizer. The training sessions were never boring. The mentors always made sure that we learn something new with every session we attend. They’ve helped me in realizing my leadership skills. They’ve also helped a lot in developing my leadership, with the help of their stories and learning. They’ve always been very kind to let me share all my good and bad experiences on the field and showed me the right path towards success.


Working with Haiyya has been a life changing experience for me. It has changed me in a better person. It had made me believe that leadership is driven by commitment, motivation and understanding. With these three things, anyone can be a leader. This was the first step towards my dream to do something significant in the development sector. One of the best things about Haiyya is its team. They are so loving and welcoming to every person who wishes to be part of them. Working at Haiyya has given me a very strong platform to realize my own potential as a leader. I’m sure that working here has made me a much more responsible citizen.