I am Indifferent

A poem written by one of our Felowship applicants, Rianne Gomes. What makes us so indifferent?


By virtue of birth, I was born to be different.

By virtue of choice ,I am indifferent.

    In the race against time, I’ve learnt to walk away,

    Amidst the crime , I chose to stay away.

When did my ears go deaf, to hear a poor child’s creed.

When did my eyes go blind, to the senile woman’s need.

   In the quest of achieving ,I forgot the goal,

   Living a moribund life, I forgot my own role.

In the glory of victory , the purpose got defeated.

In claiming my territory , my power simply drifted.

  When did buying a ticket , excuse me from thanking the bus driver,

  When did I grow ignorant, to acknowledging the farmer, laborer and sweeper ?

There is hunger that lurks at the corner of the street,

But my conscience is oblivious to that fact , when I give a treat.

  I could’ve taught a child , what school taught me,

  But in the lust of gaining knowledge , I never was free.

Would I ever hold a hand plagued by poverty ?

Or simply let go . disposing alms at charity.

   The wrapper that drifts on the cold street, that was to heavy to carry home,

   Could’ve been replaced by a torn sheet , I ripped apart to clean my own home.

When did this growing violence inhibit my resilience

In a decibel soaring scene, I chose the path of silence.

  I chose to be the harbinger of a revolution.

  Yes, I think big, just restricting it to self isolation.

My world and humanity’s is a parallel universe,

Mine is expanding and the other is submerged.

   My action is limited to switching the television channel

   My knowledge is limited to listening to an esteemed panel.

I write about my mediocrity

But completely blame the government for its hypocrisy

   I thought I am different , but it is only because of my indifference

I couldn’t make a real difference.

So Let’s not put the blame on an anonymous name,

I cannot change the world , but let me start with changing myself.

Let’s be the change, to bring the change beginning with a vote

-Rianne Gomes.

ST.Xavier’s College , Mumbai.


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