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I am Indifferent

A poem written by one of our Felowship applicants, Rianne Gomes. What makes us so indifferent?


By virtue of birth, I was born to be different.

By virtue of choice ,I am indifferent.

    In the race against time, I’ve learnt to walk away,

    Amidst the crime , I chose to stay away.

When did my ears go deaf, to hear a poor child’s creed.

When did my eyes go blind, to the senile woman’s need.

   In the quest of achieving ,I forgot the goal,

   Living a moribund life, I forgot my own role.

In the glory of victory , the purpose got defeated.

In claiming my territory , my power simply drifted.

  When did buying a ticket , excuse me from thanking the bus driver,

  When did I grow ignorant, to acknowledging the farmer, laborer and sweeper ?

There is hunger that lurks at the corner of the street,

But my conscience is oblivious to that fact , when I give a treat.

  I could’ve taught a child , what school taught me,

  But in the lust of gaining knowledge , I never was free.

Would I ever hold a hand plagued by poverty ?

Or simply let go . disposing alms at charity.

   The wrapper that drifts on the cold street, that was to heavy to carry home,

   Could’ve been replaced by a torn sheet , I ripped apart to clean my own home.

When did this growing violence inhibit my resilience

In a decibel soaring scene, I chose the path of silence.

  I chose to be the harbinger of a revolution.

  Yes, I think big, just restricting it to self isolation.

My world and humanity’s is a parallel universe,

Mine is expanding and the other is submerged.

   My action is limited to switching the television channel

   My knowledge is limited to listening to an esteemed panel.

I write about my mediocrity

But completely blame the government for its hypocrisy

   I thought I am different , but it is only because of my indifference

I couldn’t make a real difference.

So Let’s not put the blame on an anonymous name,

I cannot change the world , but let me start with changing myself.

Let’s be the change, to bring the change beginning with a vote

-Rianne Gomes.

ST.Xavier’s College , Mumbai.


Rise Up! – Make yourself heard and bring the change

It is quite intriguing and encouraging for us that something similar happened in both Delhi and Mumbai. We had earlier written about how citizens in Bandra got together to address the issue of public safety in their community. We heard from Gauree Agarwal, our team captain in Delhi who works in Malviya Nagar, about this incidence.

photo (2)

Savitri Bai, a 47 year old woman, had her chain snatched in Hauz Khas Enclave while on her way back. She was walking on the sidewalk, when a man with his face covered came on a bike, snatched her chain and sped away. Savitri Bai was unable to react for a while, and when she realized what had happened, she started screaming loudly. When the neighbours came out, they found out that her neck was badly hurt, she was in extreme agony and very distressed.

The neighbours took her matter to the police station immediately. To add to the gravity of the incident was the fact that there was no street light on that stretch. This meant that Savitri never saw the face of her assaulter. Savitri is now terrified of walking on the same streets that she has walked on for years. Savitri would have become another woman who faced assault if neighbours did not step up. They have been constantly maintaining the pressure on police for nabbing the assaulter. They have ensured that police are more alert and patrol their area. Further, they have lodged complaints against the non-functional street lights.

One again we saw that citizens came together for addressing the issue of public safety. We at Haiyya believe that citizens power change and these incidents in both cities have only strengthened our belief. We want more and more citizens to get involved in issues that matter to them and their community.

If you too want to bring a change in your community, go on our website to read more about our campaigns and write to us at to get involved.